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Opus MCU500 Master Control Unit Silver V2.7 Used
Opus MCU500 Master Control Unit Silver V2.7 UsedOpus MCU500 Master Control Unit Black V2.7 Used & Tested...

Opus Multi-room System MCU500, VSU500,WCU500, DZM20,SRC500 4 zones+4 sub zones
Opus Multi-room System MCU500, VSU500,WCU500, DZM20,SRC500 4 zones+4 sub zonesOpus Multi-room System MCU500, VSU500,WCU500 Chrome, WCU300 ...

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Opus Multi-room System MCU500, VSU500, DZM20 x 4 of - 4 Main Zones


Opus Multi-room System
MCU500, VSU500, DZM20 x 4 of
(4 Main zones only)
product features

Opus Multi-room System -

MCU500, DZM20 x 4 of, VSU500 - Audio & Video 4 main zones

This system fully tested Opus multi room, multi entertainment system.

This auction is for the following Opus items:

MCU500 (master control unit) x 1

VSU500 (video switching unit) x 1

DZM20 (Digital Zone Amplifier Module 20 watt x 2) x 4

See below for more specific information:


The Master Control Unit is the heart of the Opus system. The MCU500 is incredibly easy to install, service and upgrade. Capable of distributing up to five audio inputs in addition to the in-built tuner and four main zones and four sub-zones simultaneously, the MCU500 will fill any home with a rich detailed sound.

A display on the front panel of the MCU500 displays radio station, frequency etc text from the built-in tuner, and enables easy tuning of the 30 station presets.

If required, six audio-loop outputs are available to connect the audio sources to existing hi-fi or AV equipment. For those with larger installation needs, an MCU link facility allows up to six MCU500s to be connected together giving a maximum distribution capability of 24 main zones and 24 sub-zones.

MCU500 Master Control Unit features:

* Incredibly reliable, easy to install and service

* Compatible with third party products

* 4 main zone outputs

* Each main zone can support an additional sub-zone

* IR learning via LRC for control of almost any brand of audio equipment

* MCU link facility for "chaining" up to six units

* Cloning port for easy programming of IR commands (for use with LRC500)

* Routed IR emitter outputs for dedicated control of source equipment

* Full IR pass-through capability for control of source equipment via wall mounted control units

* Page inputs with dedicated volume control for integrating PA and paging systems

* Alarm input with dedicated volume control for integration with intruder and fire alarms etc.

* Mute input for integration with telephone system or doorbell etc.

* Zone "active" indicator LEDs

* Expansion port for adding video switching

*Version 2.4 minimum

Opus VSU500 Video Switching Unit Module VSU 500 Version 2 V2 Silver

(please note that the sub zone RCA earth cover is missing. The unit has been tested and works fine - see image no 2)

Designed to work with the MCU500, the VSU500 adds full video switching capability to the Opus 500 system.

Five video inputs correspond to the audio inputs on the attached MCU, and can be distributed to the 4 main zones around your home. When an audio source is selected in any zone via the wall-mounted control unit, the VSU500 automatically routes the corresponding video signal directly to the same zone.

VSU500 video switching unit features:

* Five composite video source inputs so that CD, DVD, SAT, AV1 & AV2 can be supported

* Four main zone and four sub-zone outputs for video around the home

* CCTV source input for instant connection of security systems

* Buffered loop outputs for all video source inputs for lossless signal replication

* Automatic switching to match audio source selection

Opus DZM20 Digital Zone Amplifier Module

The DZM20 from Opus is the perfect zone amplifier for locations where background music is required such as dining rooms and kitchens etc

Its extremely compact design make it particularly ideal for confined spaces such as ceiling voids and its efficient design with a power feed down the BTC1 cable from the MCU means it doesn't require local power making the perfect choice when a mains power feed isn't readily available.


Powerful 2 x 20W rms per channel amplification

Digital pre and power amp in one unit

A-BUS out for adding additional sub-zone (WCU300 required please contact me if you require WCU500 or WCU300)

No mains cable power required

Low heat generation making it suitable for installation in confined spaces

Powered via BTC1 cable from MCU

Pre-amp out for adding additional power amplifier

Balanced audio for minimal audio loss over long runs of cable

Local input for amplifying items local to that zone such as a TV or games console

Local IR output for discreet IR control of local source equipment

Power Output 20 W rms per channel (4 ohms)

S/N ratio< -80dB weighted

Cross-talk / channel separation < -85dB Ôs weighted

THD Pre-amp <0.006% @ 1kHz <0.02% 20Hz 20kHz

Power-amp <0.03% @ 1kHz <0.1% 20Hz 20kHz

Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz +/- 3dB

Volume control 80dB attenuation range

Tone Controls Bass +/-12dB @ 100Hz (2dB steps) Treble +/-12dB @ 10kHz (2dB steps)

Dimensions (max inc connectors) (WxDxH) 205mm x185mm x 56mm

Fully tested prior to shipment.

Please note that these are used items but fully tested and therefore might have some minor marks or show signs of use.


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